Date Title
7/23/2023 World Investor Week 2023(Janakpur)
7/23/2023 Current-Macroeconomic-and-Financial-Situation.-Tables.-Based-on-Annual-data-of-2022.23 (Prepared By NRB)
7/23/2023 Moneytary Policy 2080
9/19/2022 On 19th September, 2022 Nepal Life Capital successfully conducted its 9th Annual General Meeting at Lisara Receptions. In the event, the company’s past performance and future plans were discussed along with approval of all the agendas
8/29/2021 Nepal Life Insurance Company acquires 51% stake in Nepal Life Capital insurance company makes formal inroads into investment management company with paid-up value of Rs 30 crore
4/22/2021 Country Sees Second Wave of Covid-19; Merchant Banking Services Will Now Be Provided Virtually
12/20/2020 New board of Merchant Bankers Association of Nepal pays courtesy visit to SEBON chairman; meeting highlights on the constructive roles of merchant bankers towards growth of Nepalese equity market
12/11/2020 Nepal Life Capital Association concludes General Meeting: New Working Committee Formed
9/30/2020 Nepal Life Capital to provide remote services only amidst growing Covid-19 risks
8/16/2020 Nepal Life Capital Promoting Digital Operation in accordance to SEBON's Instructions