Corporate Advisory

Nepal Life Capital Ltd. provides a number of financial advisory services for institutions at different stage of business development. The following services aimed at solving complex financial and managerial issues of various organizations to achieve their predetermined goals.


solving your organization goals

Business Venture

Nepal Life Capital Ltd. provides guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors who are in the process of converting their business ideas into reality. We assist those clients providing services like conducting business feasibility study, developing business plan, financial forecasting, etc.

Venture Capital

Nepal Life Capital Ltd. venture capital services aim to pool various potential venture funds from investors, investment banks and other financial institutions. This form of raising capital can benefit new companies or ventures with limited operating history or any other company having a good business potential. As a part of our venture capital services, we also seek to provide negotiation for appropriate distribution of equity, liability and responsibilities among the entrepreneur and the venture capitalist.

Merger and Acquisition

We provide a complete range of services to the companies seeking to acquire or merge with another company. Our service includes:

  • Guide the client through the step-by-step process of pre merger review
  • Undertaking the negotiation responsibility
  • Help the client in the post merger integration and guide them in post merger planning and organizing

Financial Restructuring

We provide financial restructuring service for companies by planning; implementing and delivering an appropriate financial model which helps create the most beneficial financial environment for the company. Our restructuring approach involves providing insight into the financial and commercial position of the company, its prospective viability and the range of restructuring options available. We ensure our client’s corporate assets and liabilities remain competitive, and pave steady path towards recovery.

Property Leasing Management

We provide leasing services to our clients. A firm can obtain the use of a certain fixed assets for a specified duration for which it must pay a series of periodic payments.