Company Profile

Nepal Life Capital Ltd. (Formerly National Merchant Banker Ltd.) was established in 2071 B.S. after obtaining a license from SEBON to function as a merchant banker in Nepal’s capital market.

From the initial phase itself the company has been actively involved in the development of the capital market through its research and investment management practices.

The company upholds integrity of the capital market and service to clients as its top most propriety, proving the same with its actions. Nepal Life Capital Ltd. has functioned as an independent organization working towards the fulfillment of clients’ financial aspirations.

At present portfolio management service and depository participant are the core business areas.


To become the leading investment management company in Nepal by creating unique value to our clients, Nepali market, and the nation.


Set an unparalleled standard in portfolio management using highly motivated human capital as major assets and information technology as a business driver.


  • Provide cutting edge investment management services at minimal cost
  • Perform advanced research on Nepalese economy and capital market
  • Mobilization of capital market experts and developing capable human resources
  • Use of latest technology in the delivery of services
  • Implement efficient and effective management practices