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Nepal Life Capital Ltd. manages portfolio of individual as well of institution based on predetermined wealth management objectives. We develop systematic and deliberate strategies that strike a balance between...

Depository Participant

As a Depository Participant (DP), Nepal Life Capital Ltd. will be the intermediary of depository system (CDS and Clearing Ltd.) provides Depository Participants services to our valued at a ...

Compounding Options


Unleash your
Investment Potential

Wealth Plus portfolio has been designed to cater to the investment management needs of clients with high risk tolerance. The core aim of this product is to provide significantly higher return than the market through the creation of aggressive portfolio by exposing the investment funds to strategically calculated risks.

Objective High growth of client portfolios
Min. Investment Rs. 5,00,000
Lock in Period 2 Years

Asset Mix Strategy

Growth Stock ≤80%
Value Stock ≤20%
Fixed Income Securities ≤10%

Secure investment
is your future

Guarantee Return portfolio caters to the needs of investors who want a fixed return in their investment above the current fixed deposit rates. This product enables investors to achieve the benefit of stock market investment with the safety of having claim on the guarantee return.

Objective Provide assured return to the clients
Min. Investment Rs. 10,00,000
Lock in Period 3 Years

Asset Mix Strategy

Growth Stock ≤20%
Value Stock ≤20%
Fixed Income Securities ≤70%

Your money,
Our expertise

NiMBLe Plus portfolio management product has been designed to cater to the customized life goals of the clients. The core aim of this product is to invest according to the life goals of clients and their corresponding cash flow requirement.

Objective Achieve the aspirations of our clients
Min. Investment Rs. 15,00,000
Lock in Period 2 Years

Asset Mix Strategy

Customized based on client’s requirements

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Client Feedback

Working with you to resolve the matter of de-materialization of certificates has given me a great relief. It has been a positive affirmation of my decision to choose Nepal Life Capital Ltd. as my merchant service company.

Samit Maharjan

Client Feedback

I am extremely satisfied with the portfolio management services of Nepal Life Capital. The best part was their effort to match my risk profile with the returns.

Kamal Giri

Client Feedback

Nepal Life Capital professional investment strategy has yielded sizable growth in my portfolio. Along with that I am happy with their client management processes.

Sabita Shrestha

Client Feedback

The clarity in portfolio counselling help to fortify my trust towards Nepal Life Capital and recommend others to opt for their services.

Manish Thapa